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Is it Legal to Move Into a Storage Unit?
Due to the exponentially increasing cost of renting a home, it now costs nothing short of a fortune to get by a single month. This problem is even more elaborate for most Americans who have to part with about one thousand five hundred dollars every month just for their rent.

The exorbitant fees charged by house owners have made some people resort to cheaper substitutes like living in a storage unit which might not even be legal. This may seem very appealing but a factor you should look into keenly is whether it is even legal in the first place. Knowing the potential risks associated with moving into a storage unit may just be enough to discourage the notion. The savings might just not be worth the many dangers of living in a storage unit.

What would make somebody move into a storage unit in the first place? It is only natural that you would shun from living in the small dark storage unit. The notion that this will theoretically save them a lot of money has made some people think that it is worth it. Renting an average home is about four times as expensive as renting out an average size storage unit which means you might actually save a lot. It is only reasonable that some people may consider this option.

This has been the main reason that has driven people and often even families to move into storage units across the country. We have seen recent headlines of people caught living in storage units to save a couple of dollars. A majority of the people who made their situation known or were caught by the local law enforcement were evicted or stood to lose their children to social services. It is without doubt that living in a storage unit is illegal and doing so might land you in a cell or escalate to you losing your storage unit.

In light of these and many other risks associated with staying in a small and dark storage unit, some people may think it is worth the risk. These storage units get really hot inside and the conditions inside might not be healthy. Storage units are not designed to cater for catastrophes like fires. If you were planning to do this then it is high time you change your mind and just agree it is not worth it.

Bearing in mind that it as illegal as it is dangerous, living in a storage unit might just not be worth it. Get a storage unit and store some of your personal items to let you move to a smaller house instead. This is a great alternative that will help you save money while avoiding the risks that come with setting up in a storage unit.